Left to right-

After 40+ years the alternator wires on these things are typically in bad shape. I've seen replacements for sale at for some stupid amount of money. I asked around and found a commonly available wire that seems to work great - it's labeled SJEOOW and is available at Ace Hardware (In the USA) and likely other places too. The cost is trivial, I seem to remember it being well under $1/ft.

The colors of the insulation aren't the same as stock, so keep track of what you're replacing the original color with. A picture like this helps later so you can remember which wire went where when you are wiring the bike.

I was careful to orient the wire so the writing would be hidden when installed on the bike. Then I discovered a rag wetted with acetone will wipe the lettering off with no damage to the cover.

Note the timing mark on the flywheel. It needs to be timed correctly with respect to the keyway in the crankshaft so the ignition will work. The 160 does not need a battery to run, it runs off the alternator so the alternator has to be in the correct part of it's cycle when the plug fires. My flywheel had two punch marks in the correct location. I'm not sure if this is typical? In any case I double checked things to be sure. The manual lists the correct orientation.

Kickstart assy installed. Note the spring holding the kickstart gear in place. This is the one (two actually...) that breaks and makes it so you have to lean the bike to the right to get the kickstart to work.