The squared off bodywork was replaced by rounded fenders, a rounded headlight, and a more gracefully curved tank.

Headlight is from Cosmopolitan motors, an NOS part from an unknown bike. The 130mm shell with a peaked rim is from eBay.

Toolboxes are fiberglass replicas from Phil at Road and Race in Australia. Phil also carries steel replicas which are functional. Knobs are from Domiracer. Decals from Phil. Pinstripes by Ray Smith.

The tank is off of eBay. I'm not sure on year or model, but I'm guessing late '50s TS? It uses a screw on cap rather than the lever cap I really wanted. I did buy another TS tank with a lever cap, but it turned out to be too far gone so I went with the first one.

Rear fender is from Rich Lambrechts of DesmoPro. It's an NOS 125 Bronco part that replaced the NOS Monza Jr part I got from Domiracer. The only mod required to make it fit was relocating the mounting holes on the sides.

Front Fender is an NOS 85cc Bronco part from Domiracer. To make this fit the 160 Monza Jr forks I had to shorten the braces, which was easy. There is enough material to cut off the end, reshape it, then drill a new hole. Same goes for the upper mounting hole - cut off the existing brace and drill a new hole higher up.