Tank Options - left to right: Benelli Mojave, Sebring, 175 TS (Two Versions)

Two TS tanks? Different bases. Paint and tank hold down system

Although they're being shown on the 160, the yellow Benelli and silver Sebring tanks were bought with my 250 in mind. I had been searching for a 125 Sport tank for the 160, but came across this red TS tank and decided I'd use it instead.

In 2005 I saw a bike at Mid-Ohio with a Benelli Mojave tank and liked it. In fact most people liked it - it won best in show in the AMA bike show. I then found an NOS Mojave tank on eBay and made what I thought was a low bid. To my surprise, I met the reserve and won the tank. I thought I had my 250 tank.

Not long after that, a member of the bevelheads list notified me of a Mach 1 style tank on German eBay. I checked it out, and the Buy It Now price seemed reasonable. I liked it better than the Benelli tank, so I bought it. As it turns out it's not a Mach 1 tank (it doesn't have the cut out for the carb on the right side) and is instead from a Sebring. Since I'm not building a Mach 1 replica, that doesn't matter. It became the tank I intended to use on the 250.

Then the guy I bought the Sebring tank from listed parts off a 175 TS. I liked that tank too, so I decided to go with it instead of continuing my search for a Sport tank. It's in great shape for how old it is, but it uses a screw on gas cap, and I was hoping to use a "lever" type cap.

So... I gave in to my tank fetish and bought another TS tank off eBay. This one came from Spain. Took about six weeks to get here, and was rough. Not nearly as nice as the one I already had. In the end I decided it was too far gone and re-sold it on eBay

As for the Sebring tank - I traded it to a buddy who's restoring an early Sebring. He gave me a different Benelli tank I thought I might use, but then as luck would have it I found a tank off a 125 Americano (I think) which is VERY similar to the Sport tank I wanted originally. Of course I bought it! I've lost count of how many tanks I've gone through on these two projects.

After over a year of screwing around I finally painted a tank for this bike! It turned out ok, my lines were a bit shaky but the pinstripes hide that. I brought the tank to Ray Smith in Tecumseh, Michigan to be striped. He's been doing this since 1957 so it wasn't much of a challenge for him! I think it looks great. Thanks, Ray!

Tank Hold Down -

I bought the stock tank hold down for the older singles and didn't like how it worked. So I played around with a few ideas and finally settled on a method that uses a rubber hold down from a later bevel twin. The 160 Monza frame had a couple tabs up front that for some reason I didn't remove, even though I had no idea what they were for. Turned out well for me - I fabbed up a couple hooks to bolt onto those tabs, and now instead of the metal parts the stock hold down uses, I can use the rubber hold down I had bought for my 750 GT. It was too long to work on my 750, but it should work fine on this bike. I feel better putting a rubber band across the newly painted tank than a metal tab! Time well tell how it holds up on the edge of the tab though.