The headlight is an NOS unit from an unknown bike that was missing the indicator lights and a switch on the side. I bought the switch from Cosmo and stole the lights out of another shell. It took some time, but I think I finally figured out how to wire the switch! (I have a separate page to deal with my headlight issues.)

I used the license plate holder from my 250 because I prefered the rounded shape over the more rectangular part the 160 had. Part of the Sebring tank trade was a round tail light that will work great with this mount. The mount itself was bent and broken so it needed some work. First I had to reshape the lower portion that mounts on the fender, it was set up for a flatter fender but a few minutes with a hammer and dolly took care of that. One spot weld was broken and there was some rust between the pieces so I broke the remaining spot welds, cleaned everything up, brazed the tail back together, and rewelded the two pieces.