No suspentions mods to speak of. The front forks were left stock. The rear shocks were stolen off my 250 project bike and refinished.

Front Forks:

Domiracer carries some of the parts to rebuild these. I haven't rebuilt mine yet but will add more info when I do. I considered re-chroming the original spring covers, but saw that Domiracer had replacements for a reasonable cost. When I got them I was surprised they were aluminum vs the original chromed steel. They looked a little ratty after having sat on a shelf for who knows how long, but they polished up nicely so I'm happy. I managed to scratch one while installing the fork legs, but with a little Simichrome polish it was good to go. They are pretty filthy in this picture and the flash highlights all the dust. They look better in real life. And Domiracer doesn't have them anymore.

Rear Shocks:

I was going to refinish the stock rear shocks, but then realized I was going to replace the shocks off my 250 anyway. They look a little nicer so I'm using them. The upper shrouds were repainted and the lower shrouds polished. The chromed parts were stripped and electroplated with my trusty Eastwood kit.