I had planned on porting the head and installing a different carb, but decided against it. All I ended up doing was cleaning up the valves/seats and replacing the seals. The cam and rockers were in good shape.

Left to right -

When I started torquing down the head, the engine wouldn't turn over as easily as it should. I traced the problem to a thin cylinder base gasket. Torqueing down the head would cause interference with the collar on the bevel shaft. This picture shows the slot for the clip not clearing the top of the collar. I shaved a bit off the collar on the lathe and everything was good to go.

The stock 160 carb minus the ductwork for the stock airbox. I ditched the stock airbox/sidecover early on and then found this velocity stack for the stock carb. I know running with no filter isn't good for engine longevity but it makes me smile so there it is. I do have an air filter on my list of things to buy... but it's not very high on my list!

The mighty 160. It's good for 60+mph, maybe even 68mph if you believe the speedo on a Hypermotard that was following me. Of course you need to put your chin on the tank to do that, but still. Not bad for a bike that's got the same size engine as my lawnmower...