Submitted by Phil Hitchcock, of Road and Race fame. Phil has provided many parts for my various projects and is a big supporter of the vintage Ducati community. Click on the pics for a larger view.

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Phil said this about these bikes:

Orange bike is a 1972 124 spanish trail model fitted with a 160 engine & optional high pipe. Used as a pit bike at VMX meetings

Silver bike is a  160 frame fitted with longer s/arm & rear section raised up for tyre clearance,250  4 speed engine & rear hub,benelli 32mm marzocchi dirt bike front end with tapered roller conversion,67 250 SCR tank,450 RT sidecovers,modified jap dirt bike seat. basically stuff i had laying around doing nothing. (Note - this bike has it's own page, click on the photo above for more pics of it)

Road racer also has a 160 frame with 250 rear arm/wheel, hot 350 Sebring engine, Benelli 250 front end with one of my 4LS conversions & tapered roller steering kit..

No one wants 160 frames so might as well use them up on projects/specials & save bigger bike frames for restos.


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