The Inspiration - Ken Reece's 250

The Reality - My 250 Monza


Progress Pictures

The original plan was a 250 that was loosely based on a 250 GT. I went so far as to get the tank, fenders, and tool boxes. But then I sold the tank to someone who needed it for a restoration. Meanwhile, I had gone with valanced fenders on my 160 project, so I began to rethink the 250GT look. I decided this one would be more of a "cafe racer". Along those lines I sourced an Oldani replica front brake and a 350 Sebring engine. I eventually bought another Mach 1 style tank, but was in bad shape, and when I was trying to decide if I could use it, I came across a picture of Ken Reece's 250 (shown above). That was it, the decision was made. The beat up tank and other bodywork were sold and a deposit was sent to Evan Wilcox for some hand beaten alloy bodywork.

I spent some time at Evan's shop back in the '90s, and have wanted some of his bodywork ever since. When I saw Ken's bike I decided it was time to finally do it. The tank and tail showed up June 8th, 2009, and I have to say they are beautifully built. Some of the early photos show it sitting on a rolling chassis I threw together - the wheels and shocks are wrong, along with other details. .

I've got other projects that take higher priority than this one right now, so progress on it will be hit and miss.

Ken also has some build pictures of his 250 project on his site: