Ghia Gallery

For whatever reason, lately I've had a lot of interest in cars built along lines of a "custom". Not necessarily VWs, but not excluding VWs either. Add to that some time spent on, and I ended up with a design study that's sticking in my brain. I have no plans of doing this to the car I have now, but someday???

Yeah, I know it's obvious these are faked. That isn't the point, I was just playing around with a few ideas, namely lowering the car and chopping the top. I particularly like the looks with the top up now, compared to a stock Ghia.

These cars provide inspiration for my project,. I love that car on the right... even if the wheels do fall outside of my plan! It may well be my favorite Ghia I've seen so far. I would love to build a later Ghia cabriolet along those lines, perhaps with a 2.0 liter Type IV powering it? Too many projects, too little time...

My apologies to the owners and/or photographers of these cars, I've lost my notes on where they came from. I believe the car on the left was being sold on eBay at one time, and the car on the right was from a 1999 show in Pomona, California. Contact me if you have any information and I'll be happy to give credit.

As much as I like the look of the car on the right, I've decided to go with wheels like the car on the left.