Current Status


On the right; my Ghia in it's current state. On the left, how it looked for 20+ years with wide whites.

Spring '11 I've thrown in the towel, this car has been sold. .

Fall '08 After a couple months on backorder, new wheels and tires arrived. Still waiting for the hubcaps though. Bike projects are still at the top of my list so once again I didn't get much done on this over the summer. What little time I did spend in it though has convinced me I HAVE to get rid of the 36hp engine. Too many cell phone fixated, SUV driving soccer moms out there intent on getting to wherever it is they feel the need to be right now... a recent episode with an Excursion grill filling my rearview mirror has convinced me it's got to be done.

Spring '08 The Ghia lives. In about 100 miles of shakedown runs I've discovered the front end has issues (too stiff, alignement is off) and the tires need to be replaced, but other than that it seems to be running well. Wheels and tires have been ordered, I'm taking an inventory of what engine parts I have and what I'll need, and options for the front end are being looked at.05/11/01 While perusing the Big Blue Bentley (BBB) service manual for information on how to install a new engine seal, I discovered that the door gaps can be adjusted by placing spacers at the body mounting points by the rear shocks. Hmm... perhaps I can do something about the misaligned body without a total restoration?

06/30/07 The Ghia has been retreived from it's long term storage and is back in the garage at home. Parts are ordered, plans are made... it may see the road this summer yet!

03/31/03 Plans for the 356 engine live. Another case is on the horizon... though not much will get done with it until this latest Ducati project is done.

06/01/02 Plans for the 356 engine have come to a grinding halt since discovering the case is damaged. That may explain a few things.

04/07/02 Progress on the 356 engine was basically nonexistent this winter. All was not lost though, instead of building it up I enrolled in a "Vintage Auto Engine Rebuilding" course and rebuilt a Type IV engine from a 914. It was in pretty good shape to begin with having been "rebuilt" before I got it, but in tearing it down I discovered a few things that would have made it a rather short-lived engine if it had been used as-is. Those have been corrected, and the engine has been sold. It's finding it's way into a Puma in the Great White North.

02/03/02 The only recent progress has been on the 356 engine. I'm finding out that some of the parts I thought were bad are actually fine, but some of the parts I thought were good are actually bad...

07/21/01 If you click on the engine link (left side of screen), you can see the initial stages of the 356 engine teardown. That project was put on hold after driving the car with the stock components. The steering was just too bad to ignore, so now the money and time is going into getting the chassis ready for the other upgrades. I know this is the logical first step. I thought the car was in better shape than it is.

Along those lines, today I ordered a new front beam assembly, spindle to spindle, and will be covering it's installation once it arrives. I suspect there will be many more parts added to the bill before the front end is actually replaced. Click on the suspension link to see the progress in that area.

05/20/01 While installing a new engine seal, I changed the pad between the body and rear shock towers, along with adding a spacer or two. The engine seal now lines up a lot better with the cooling tin and the door gaps are better. Well, maybe not "better" so much as different. While the large gap at the top rear part of the door is better, the bottom gap is now about zero in places. The rocker section truly does need to be rebuilt I'm afraid.