VW Links

Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Club (MVVC) My local chapter of the VVWCA.

The Judson Register For all you Judson fans out there. Lots of contacts and technical information concerning these little beasties.

Karmann Ghia Club of North America Good Ghia-specific information and an active mail list.

Tha Samba Tons of information about aircooled VWs, and some Porsche stuff too. Forums, classifieds, restoration data.

Convertible top restoration information By someone who's been there, done that.

The Shoptalk Forums With numerous VW related topics.

Next Generation Upright conversion manual for Type IV engines. If you want to put a 914 engine in your Bug, here's the info you may be looking for.

Raby's Aircooled Technology Jake Raby, Type IV engine builder. Do it yourself Type IV kits available in various displacements and Type I turnkey engines. Jake is a regular on the Shoptalk Forums and a VW engine guru in his own right.

Rob and Dave's Aircooled VW pages One of the better VW sites I've found, lots of good info.

Ghia Chick The story of two Karmann Ghia restorations from a woman's point of view.

For more information on 356 power;

The Maestro HCP Research. Porsche 356 engine parts, books, service, advice. If you've spent any time around 356's I'm sure you've heard of this guy. Sadly,, Harry Pellow passed away on March 25, 2003. His books and videos (now DVDs) are still available on this site though.

The 356 Registry If you're going to do the 356 engine conversion, you're going to need information on 356's....