I started learning how to play guitar in February of 2010. For at least thirty years I had been saying that someday I'd like to learn. Then one night I took a break from working on motorcycles and decided to watch the movie "It Might Get Loud". Sometime during that movie I decided the time was now. When it was over I went downstairs and dragged out a Saga kit my dad had given me probably 25 years ago. I spent a couple hours messing with it and decided the reason I had never finished it was the kit was junk.I came to the conclusion that now I had a real job, and I could afford a real guitar. A week later, I bought one - an Ibanez AF75. On the way home from the shop I was already planning my next buy, a black Stratocaster. Probably in about a year or so.

The photo below was taken in November of 2010. So much for waiting a year. The room is small so the perspective is off - the one on the end isn't a jumbo size Strat copy, it's just close to the camera.

From left to right: Ibanez Jet King JTK40, Warmoth Strat, Ibanez AF75, No-name kit off eBay, Saga kit. Click on the guitar of choice (or links on the left) for more info. Grey links are not yet active. NOT SHOWN: The TDPRI 2011 Build Challenge Travel Tele and the Gretsch 5122.

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