Front Brake

I like the way having no front brake cleans up the look of the bike, but that would require a new hub, and I wasn't so sure I wanted to trust a rear brake as my only means of stopping. So... Yes on the front brake.

I had two front hubs that would work. A stock 250 Ducati, and a Honda CB350. The Ducati hub was fancier, with (fake) cooling ducts, but it only had a single leading shoe brake. The Honda hub has dual leading shoe brakes, but a plain casting on the other side of the hub. I thought about going with the Honda hub because of the plain casting because it might draw less attention to the brake. That idea seemed right but it just didn't feel right to me... as I sat staring at the bike in the initial stages I decided if I was going to use a brake, don't try to hide it. Flaunt it. If the brake was now going to be a focal point rather than something hidden, what can be done to dress it up? I know that it is possible to modify the Honda brake plate to work in the Ducati hub, so I'm going to look into doing that. If I go with it, I'll have dual leading shoes with a cooling duct cast in to the other side.

Rear Brake

On the back I went with a stock Ducati 250 hub/brake. Nothing fancy. With stock foot pegs the set-up is kind of trivial.


Note that none of these pictures have anything to do with the hardtail's brakes, they're just placeholders for now.