Wheels are usually one area I don't mind spending money. Alloy rims, stainless steel spokes, that's the ticket. But the cost of those add up fast so this time I gathered up some old take off rims I had around and tried to save them. Re-chroming was out (cost) so instead I sent them off with a friend of mine to be powdercoated. They were pretty rough but I had nothing to lose.

In the back I was going to go with the stock Monza Jr 16" rim I had left over from my first 160. Using this rim meant I could re-use the old spokes too. all I had to do was find another stock 160 rear hub. But during one of the intial parts-gathering missions I started dropping the fenders I had on to the old Monza Jr rear tire. Nothing I had would fit - they were all for larger wheels. Hmm... After considering my options I decided to go with an 18" rear wheel. There were other issues besides not having a fender that fit, plus I already had a rim and spokes I wouldn' t be using on the 250 I have sitting here, so again all I needed to do was find a hub.

Up front I went with the stock front rim off the same 250. It will be getting alloy rims so this one wasn't needed. For a hub I went with a hybrid Ducati/Honda Hub/Brake plate set up. More info on this on the brake page.

Going with stock size rims and tires meant I could re-use old spokes. They were painted originally so refinishing consisted of stripping the rust off and repainting or maybe plating...


NOTE - these pics are not for this bike. They'll be changed soon.