32mm carbs, before and detail of slides after cleaning (Some scratches are from cleaning them, I knew they were shot so wasn't too careful)

30mm carbs, before and after. Click on pics for a larger view.

I rebuilt the stock carbs pretty early in the game. I bought a couple rebuild kits from Steve at Bevel Heaven, got a gallon of carb cleaner from my Friendly Local Auto Parts Store, soaked the carb bodies and other parts in the cleaner, and then went over them with a stainless steel brush. Many places that offer restoration on carbs uses soda blasting. I've only tried that one time and the results weren't fantastic, I'll have to play around with it more before I say too much about it though. Bevel Heaven offers a carb rebuilding/restoration service if you'd rather have it done by someone with all the right equipment. From what I've seen, Steve does a great job on them.

One of the carbs had a broken choke jet, but I was able to order a new one easily enough. At the same time I also ordered some carb-mounted levers that actuate the chokes. (Click on the pic second from left, and you can see one on the carb on the right) By putting the levers directly on the carbs, I'll be able to eliminate the choke cables and bar-mounted lever. I think most places that deal in Dellorto parts have them available.

Just after I had put the finishing touches on these, I saw a set of 32mm carbs on eBay that seemed to be priced pretty low. I put in a low bid, just in case... and I won them! Because the bodies of all PHF series carbs are identical (except for the diameter of the bore) the choke levers I had already bought worked with them too. One of the carbs was missing the metal top piece. These are supposedly unavailable, but thanks to a fellow Bevelhead list member, I soon had that part in hand too. Thanks, Tim!

I cleaned the 32mm carbs the same way as the 30mm carbs. The slides were shot though, with a weird texture to them that just can' t be good (click on pic, above right). The bodies seemed alright, so I ordered the parts to rebuild them. This time I used "Desmo", a shop in Germany. This site isn't the easiest to navigate if you don't speak German, but it's worth the effort to navigate. They have some hard to find stuff at decent prices. their online catalog lists only a fraction of what they carry. The trick is to download the German pricelist, then search it by part number. MG Cycle also carries a bunch of carb parts at what seem like decent prices. I haven't dealt with them yet though, other than searching their website.

These carbs are off an 860 GT, so the settings were wrong. I changed the jetting/needles to match what the 750 Sports came with since I was also using Sport pistons. The bike seems to run pretty well as is but I think I'm fouling the plugs at low throttle settings, so more work needs to be done sorting them out.

Update on the choke levers I mentioned above - I've found the rear one is hard to reach with the sidecover on, but I'm still happy to be rid of the extra lever and cables.