The electrical system on this thing was one of my big worries when the project got started. I dreaded the idea of having to rewire everything, but wanted to update the fuses and take care of the rat's nest under the seat.

While I was waiting for engine parts, I decided it was time to start tackling this monster. I stumbled across a place on the 'net that sold wiring kits for choppers, but they seemed expensive and I wasn't sure how well it would work. Besides, I'd likely have to modify that too, so with the encouragement of people on the bevelhead mail list, I decided to put something together myself.

The first step was figuring out what I was up against. I know next to nothing about electrical stuff, but after getting a few custom wiring diagrams from people on the list, it finally started to sink in. Now that I've made sense of what I'll need to do, I'm actually looking forward to doing the wiring! First things first though, I have some decisions to make about the dash, turn signals, and headlight before I start the running wires. I did buy a fusebox already. It's off a Honda VFR1000 and uses blade-type fuses. It's also a nice size, I only had to make a couple minor mods to get it to fit in the original location using the stock mounting holes. (The regulator shown isn't the factory part either)

Jump ahead a month or two. The dash I'm using is from a later model GTS? It includes a spot for the ignition switch, which is good because that's where I think the key should go anyway, but bad in that now I have no room for indicator (aka idiot) lights. I thought about putting them in the headlight shell, but I don't think I could see them there with the headlight I'm using. I have a couple ideas but haven't worked out all the details yet.

In any case, I'm far enough along to run some wires. I recently bought a connector kit from Vintage Connections. While it is aimed more towards Japanese bikes, the connectors work just fine here too. I reused some wires from a harness of a Paso, along with some new wire. (I had a hard time finding many colors of wire here locally though, and forget about finding anything with a tracer on it). As you can tell from the pictures (click on them for larger versions) I'm not done yet. Now that I've got real wires on the bike it's becoming obvious how they should be grouped when I cover them to make my own harness. It lookes like there will be about four main groups, with a few strays heading off here and there.

I have run into a few issues along the way, most notably wiring the alternator to the non-stock regualtor, and wiring the new kill switch. More details later when it's all worked out.

One of the pictures shows the coil mount I made for the Dyna coils. I'm not 100% happy with it though, so I may remake it before it's all said and done. I think it was a good idea but the execution was flawed...

09/01/05 I gave up on the aforementioned kill switch and went with a modern switch off a superbike (click on thumbnails for larger shots). I'm convinced the other one is for a single cylinder bike. How many people will notice the starter button, let alone realize it serves no purpose even if they do see it??? I have to admit, while wiring the bike, I did spend some time thinking about where to put a starter relay. It had been a long day...