I put a Dyna ignition and coils on this bike. At the time I started this the two popular ignitions were Dyna and Rita. The Rita system is no longer in production however. I'm sure there are others out there, but the Dyna was pretty affordable and seems to be working well. It all fits under the stock cover too, with no black boxes or anything to deal with. The only thing that bothered me was the wires were housed in a grey cover. I slipped them into a black tube to blend in better before I installed everything.

Installation wasn't too difficult, especially since the engine was already apart and on the bench. I did have to re-index the gears to get it timed correctly, but that wasn't a big surprise. The other main task was making a mount for the coils. I've seen various methods used - I went with a pretty simple bracket that bolts to the frame on an existing tab. The first picture on the left shows the bare bracket, in position on the frame. The coils need to be mounted under this bracket to clear the tank. You can see the coils in the second picture from the left. (click on photos for a larger version)

The ignition switch itself has been moved from under the tank up on to the dash. One of the benefits of using an 860GTS(?) dash! If you go this route on you'll need the smaller diameter switch - the stock switch from the later bikes (under tank switch) is too big to fit between the gauges. I think the earlier switch that goes by the sidecovers would work.

Plug wires came from Guzzino.com. I think the stock wires were black, but I used some with a green plaid pattern as used on earlier bikes. The plug caps are NGKs with the logos blacked out.

The kill switch is from a late model Superbike. That's a pretty horrible picture on the right, but it gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. The starter button is of course worthless, but I'm guessing not many people will notice. Call it an anti-theft device - theives are for the most part rather dim so maybe they'll hit the button and figure the bike's dead? You never know...