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The Ugly Duc is no longer. I laced up the front wheel tonight and it's just too dang nice looking to be part of anything ugly! From here on out, the bike will be referred to as the Roundcase. Click HERE to go there.


Reconstruction has begun! The bearing is in place on the lower triple clamp, and the steering head races have been put into the frame. Ok, so it's not a whole lot to talk about. Still, parts are going ONTO the bike now instead of being removed!


The first round of parts have been picked up from the powder coater.

Fork tubes have been delivered from Forking by Frank. Great turnaround time there, I called them with some information at 5:00pm on a Friday, the parts showed up at my office on the following Tuesday. Can't argue with that!

The new rims and spokes from Buchanan's are here.


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