Left: Doesn't look THAT bad in this pic, but... the tank is dented, the wiring is beyond all hope, the seat is shot, the exhaust isn't stock, and the crossover is missing. But hey, it's a PROJECT bike, right?


Update: slight progress is made

I had planned on rewiring the bike and replacing the fuse box with something more modern. Looks like I was thinking ahead on that one!

Desmo (the dog) is entirely unimpressed with the bike. I'm sure he's thinking "Do I look like a Springer to you?" (Sorry, a little Ducati humor there) At least he didn't lift his leg when he walked by...

Desmo a few moments later, looking much happier. Hey... what's that wet spot in front of the rear wheel?


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Another shot of that wonderful exhaust, along with more detail of the seat. Lovely! (P.S. That wet spot was there before Desi even showed up... it's melted snow. Really!)