The bike had two problems with the intake when I got it.

1) Too loud. It had the typical K&N filter with no airbox lid. The drone at around 4500rpm was just too much for me to handle. Annoying! So I replaced the stock airbox lid.

2) The plugs were fouling at low throttle settings. Combine this with the new airbox lid and the need for rejetting the carbs becomes obvious. In reading up on this I discovered the emulsion tubes tend to wear out quickly on these bikes, so I ordered some of those too. At around $50 they aren't exactly cheap, but if they're bad, they need to come out.

I used a "Factory" brand jet kit and followed their recommendations for baseline settings.Ducati does not have carb rebuild kits available so to get a new float valve you need to buy the entire float assembly. Not cheap! the solution is to buy a carb kit for an '89-'93 Yamaha FZR1000. They usually come with the float valve and every gasket and o-ring that you'll need. The kits I bought were missing one small o-ring used on a mixture screw, but I happened to have a couple in my spare parts.


New (left) vs old. The picture is poor quality but it does show how worn the old emulsion tube was. This certainly had an effect on low end fuel metering. Your spark plugs will thank you for replacing these, and throttle response should get better too!