Bike Links (click on the names) Formerly known as - started as the unofficial home of AMA superbike racing, but has a lot of GP information too.

Fast by Ferracci. This is my sentimental favorite Ducati site/shop, but it seems the site is always a bit behind the times. And I wish they still raced Ducatis...

For those bevelheads amongst us:

Ducati Meccanica; A Bevel Site to behold. More info than you can shake a stick at. If you have a bevel Ducati you HAVE to go to this site. Literature galore, tons of pictures. All in all a great reference site, though it doesn't seem to be updated very often these days.

DesmoPro. Rich Lambrechts is very active in the world of vintage Ducatis. Here's the link to his shop's website.

Ducati Owner's Club Victoria An Australian site with a lot of good information on bevel drive engines. Cam timing, restortion tips, shimming advice, it's all there.

Road & Race is an Australian firm that has a large selection of parts for old Ducatis and other Italian bikes. I've ordered a bunch of stuff from them - fast shipping.

Desmo A German site that isn't the easiest to navigate, but is worth the effort. There is a lot more in stock that what is shown in their online catalog. Best bet is to download the German pricelist, and search it by part number. Contact Andy there and he'll help you out.

Bevel Heaven Another source for Ducati bevel parts and information. Many pages of reference info along with an online parts store. Plus they now have a forum for the older Ducatis which will be of interest to those who aren't into mailing lists.

MG Cycle A Moto Guzzi shop that carries some stuff that will also fit our Ducatis, and the prices seem pretty good.

Moto Guzzino is another shop that leans towards the Moto Guzzi side of things, but also carries parts specific to Ducati bevel singles and twins.

Yoyodyne carries a lot of Brembo parts. Decent prices on replacement calipers - the F08 is a common caliper for the bevel bikes.

Motorcycle Design Resources For those of us with a desire to build our own, or understand why the OEMs do those things they do.

Eurospares Mike Moore runs quite a few motorcycle mailing lists, including a chassis design list. Check out his site for info on chassis design and construction. Lots of pictures of "homebuilt" bikes from over the years. North American Distributor for "The Racing Motorcycle: a technical guide for constructors" which is one of the best chassis design books I've seen.

Tony Foale's site. Tony recently updated his book on Motorcycle Chassis Design. If you're interested in building your own chassis, here's a site you should see. He's got a lot better list of links than you see here... why bother copying it? Check it out for yourself.

Friends of YIKES!

Andrew Jones is a fellow bevelhead with a site featuring the restoration of his 450SCR, among other things.

Eric's Bike Parts Eric makes frame sliders for various bikes, and license plate relocator kits for Ducati 748/9*6 series of bikes, and who knows what else. He also sells 'em cheap. Why? I dunno. Ask him.

That's it for now, but hey, that's about all you should need to get ya started!