Craig Kenfield; CEO, Team Owner/Manager. Crew Chief. Mechanic. Rider. Driver. Sponsorship co-ordinator.

Kathy Kenfield; Chief Financial Officer, Facilities Manager.

Desmo "Desi" Kenfield; Chief Security Officer. Not your typical retriever - he's not too fond of water and has no interest in fetching anything... but he loves to jump and has a wicked right jab. You've been warned!

Sophia "Sophie" Kenfield; The newest addition to our staff, I haven't really figured out just what she brings to the table other than youthful exuberance. And a sparring partner for Desmo...

In spirit: the late Abbey Kenfield; Former Chief Security Officer / Head of International Marketing & Sales. And the best dang female dog ever made.

(left) Abbey takes a break during a hectic day as head of marketing and sales here at TeamYIKES!

(right) Desmo after a bath. Yes, I know what you're thinking. No, I didn't screw up the photos. That's Desmo, and while it's hard to tell from these photos, we didn't have Abbey cloned.

(below right) Sophia! Our latest addition. Seven weeks old in this shot, she's got a few things to learn. Desmo's world will never be the same. Sorry buddy!

(above) Abbey put in some long hours with all her jobs here. Highly trained, always on guard, ready to spring into action at the slightest hint of danger... yep, that was her.


(right) A more recent photo of the 'triever twins, Desmo and Sophia.