The Inspiration - Ducati 125 Sport

The Result - Restyled 1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

As Delivered

Progress Pictures

UPDATE: The 160 made it to Ducstock 2011, at the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festval. It was in "final mockup" guise as there are still some details to tidy up, but it runs. I rode it back and forth from the hotel to the track while I was down there.

I haven't spent much time keeping this site up to date so a lot of details on this build are missing. There is a thread at the adventure riders forum which provides some progress reports:

This project began when I got a 160 Monza Jr as part of a package deal with a 250 Monza, which is the bike I really wanted. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but figured I'd come up with something. I was rebuilding a 750GT when I got the singles and while working on that I decided the 160 would make a nice 125 Sport replica. I had seen a 100 Sport at the 2005 Motogiro d'Italia and thought it was pretty cool. So cool that once the 750 was on the road the 160 became my main focus and the 250 was put on the back burner.

I wasn't planning on making an accurate replica, just something along the same lines. I found a rounded headlight, rounded fenders, and earlier tool boxes, but my search for a 125 Sport tank didn't pan out. Replica F3 tanks are out there, but they use a different style gas cap and it's in a different location. Those aren't major differences and while I was mulling over what to do I stumbled across a nice 175 TS(?) tank, so I bought it. Of course once I committed to the TS tank, I found a Sport tank. I bought that, too. I had already fit the seat pan for the TS tank, so the Sport tank became destined for a future project.

Along with the different tank I also decided to go with valanced fenders. So what I built is more of a 160 TS than 160 Sport, but that's ok. The Sport was still the inspiration for it. The 125 Sport on the top left is owned by Rich Lambrechts of "DesmoPro". Rich has provided a lot of information, parts, and encouragement for my various projects over the years. Thanks, Rich!