This is the first bike I ever owned. I went to Daytona to watch a friend race and saw some 750 F1s competing. I was hooked! It took a couple years for me to finally get a Ducati though.

I first looked at an F1, but then gravitated toward a Paso. Time went on and the 906 Paso came out. Then news of a new "907" started circulating. On the basis of what the dealer told me and a blurry faxed picture, I put money down on one.

I've bought and sold a few bikes since then, but the 907 is still here. It doesn't see near as much use as it should, but I SWEAR next summer will be different!

Read the story I sent to the Ducati International Owners Club (DIOC) about this bike. Or my poetic(?) reply to a buddy who used to give me a hard time about owning a Ducati.

Paso fans should check out the forum at

<= Hard to imagine why I stayed single so long?

The first few years I had the 907, I didn't live anywhere with a garage. This led to some interesting solutions as to where to store this little beastie. But seriously, I didn't actually STORE it here, I had just brought it in to clean it up a little. In the background (left side) you can see the front wheel from an RD350 racebike I was building.

As much as I hated this apartment, there were a few benefits of living on the first floor of a low-rent place, with neighbors who had better things to do than complain about the guy with the weird furniture.

If you were at Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid Ohio in July, 2005, you may have seen this bike in the Ducati display.

"Classic Bike" magazine did a photo essay of this display in their September 2005 issue, and to my surprise my 907 was one of the bikes shown. There were so many nice bikes there that weekend I was pleasantly surprised a Paso would make the cut.